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HK Jockey Club to provide PAET for Olympic horses

Updated:2008-07-08 10:19 | Source:XINHUA

  HONG KONG, July 7 (Xinhua) -- The Hong Kong Jockey Club announced Monday that they will be offering Post-Arrival Elective Testing (PAET) for all horses coming to Hong Kong for the Beijing Olympic equestrian events.

  To help teams avoid inadvertent infringements, pre-competition testing in the form of PAET will be conducted immediately after the horses‘ arrival in Hong Kong for the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic equestrian events.

  According to the Jockey Club, PAET will be offered as a voluntary once-off service for all Olympic and Paralympic horses, including reserves, to help teams establish whether residues of legitimate medications are present in urine samples collected well before competition.

Editor : Shi Taoyang

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