08-15-2008 15:29

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

The spectacular opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games and the intense competition at the games are powerful attractions for audiences all around the world. Behind the scenes are some of the latest innovations in high technology -- innovations whose intellectual property rights holders are right here in China.

At the opening ceremony, the incredible fireworks display electrified audiences all over the world. The products and materials that went into the show all came from domestic manufacturers in Hunan province -- in the city of Liu Yang. What's behind the magic of these fireworks? Manufacturers say many have digital chips inside to control the rate at which the fireworks burn and the optimal height for bursting into colourful splendour.

Yang yanqing, Chairman of Lenovo, said, "As a global player, Lenovo has dispatched 580 engineers to offer services to the Beijing Olympics.
Yang yanqing, Chairman of Lenovo, said, "As a global player,
Lenovo has dispatched 580 engineers to offer services to
the Beijing Olympics.

The Bird Nest, the National Stadium, is equipped with 260,000 LED bulbs. The China Aquatic Center has 480,000 LED bulbs, designed and produced at a factory in Shenzhen.

Kou kaitai, general manager of Shenzhen Ledlens Corporation,said, "Our LED bulbs are 100 percent brighter than normal products and the electricity consumption is 20 to 50 per cent lower."

This is a wireless terminal which can capture video and transmit the signal simultaneously. With this digital gadget, journalists can send video to the background website within 20 seconds.

Du xiaoli,deputy dean of Research Institute of Lenovo, said, "This terminal is a new portable PC that lenovo developed for the mobile Internet."

On all the laptop computer supplied by Lenovo, there's an active protection technology designed to protect hard disks. The system uses an inserted sensor to recognize changes in the lap top's inertial state.

As a global player, Lenovo has sent 580 engineers to provide services to the Beijing Olympics. 
As a global player, Lenovo has sent 580 engineers to provide
services to the Beijing Olympics.

"This is a typical technology developed by Lenovo. We've used a PC-game style approach to demonstrate. When the laptop is struck or is falling, the magnetic head of its hard-disk can be locked in order to protect the data."

As a global player, Lenovo has sent 580 engineers to provide services to the Beijing Olympics. IOC chairman, Jacques Rogge, gave high appraisal to the job Lenovo is doing during his visit to Lenovo's Olympic digital experience house.

Yang yuanqing, Chairman of Lenovo, said, "As a global player, Lenovo has dispatched 580 engineers to offer services to the Beijing Olympics. IOC chairman, Jacques Rogge, gave his high appraisal of the job Lenovo has done when he visited Lenovo's Olympic digital experience house."

Lenovo provides the artificial intelligence behind the Olympic scores display and it's provided 30 thousand computers for the Olympic Games. The company represents one example of how advanced Chinese technology is helping to make for a better Olympics.


Editor:Zhao Shanchao