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In Case of an Emergency

Updated:2008-04-27 17:28 | Source:

During your self-arranged travel, you may be faced with an emergency. Try not to panic when something unexpected occurs such as being robbed or injured, becoming acutely ill, suffering an accident or other emergencies such as flood or fire.

Sudden onset of physical discomfort

Travelers should only do what their strength and ability allows to avoid becoming exhausted. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop trekking and have a rest in the shade and drink water. If you get a painful cramp or muscle spasm due to fatigue or cold, a slight massage may relieve your pain and make you more relaxed. If you are stung by a bee or are bitten by a venomous snake during a field trip, knowing what to do is important. Make the infected part clean and vent the toxin, then bind up the wound.

Every time you set out on an excursion, remember to bring your medications with you. However, if you are stricken with a serious illness ask the local hospital or a doctor for help. In China, dial 120 for medical help.

Unexpected accident

If you are involved in a traffic accident or other unexpected altercation, do not be frightened. Keep calm and help yourself first as quickly as you can. Keep the scene of the accident as it is and immediately call the police (110) for help. If injured, call the hospital (120). Remembering the whole sequence of the accident may help you when providing information to the police. Safety is first, but precaution is crucial.

Something Lost or Stolen

If something important or valuable like a passport, cash and bank cards, is lost, or you are robbed by thieves or muggers, do not hesitate to report the incident to the police immediately (call the free number 110). The Public Security Bureau of China, with many police stations in each city, is in charge of such matters. If you are in a hotel, ask the hotel staff to help you and contact the police. Please pay attention to your valuables and look after them well.

When with a group tour, we highly recommended that you carry along with you the contact information of your travel agency and tour guide. Whenever you encounter an emergency, you can directly ask them for help. Therefore, choosing an excellent travel agency that offers you 24-hour service is very important to guarantee good service on your trip.

Don't forget to cover yourself for related insurances like personal accident insurance or world wide travel insurance before you start your trip. Insurance is an effective guarantee against most emergencies. But hopefully you will not meet anything unexpected or unpleasant during your travel in China, and you will be amazed by this fascinating country that is full of history and culture.


Editor : 李受恩

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