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Medical Services

Updated:2008-04-27 17:28 | Source:

Basic medical service can be guaranteed in most Chinese cities, especially those with a large tourist market. However, quality of service may vary between geographic regions. The condition of medical facilities in the countryside is generally worse than in the city, where there are many critical care hospitals with advanced medical equipment and qualified doctors. Some of the hospitals have the capability to serve foreign patients in English.

Other quality hospitals in China can also offer medical service in English, such as Beijing Xiehe Hospital, Shanghai Renai Hospital, Xian Xijing Hospital and Shenzhen Fuhua I.T.W.M Hospital. Some of the hospitals have a clinic specialized for foreigners, and the Information Desk may also offer triage services in English.

Most four and five-star hotels in China have infirmaries that can provide immediate medical attention, but they are only equipped to deal with minor illnesses and injuries. If this medical service is unavailable where you are staying, you can call the reception desk for assistance, as they may be able to arrange for a physician to come directly to the hotel. It is strongly recommended that you go to a major hospital for any illness you believe may be serious.

If you join a tour group, your tour guide or travel agency may also be able to provide assistance with medical problems. If you feel ill, tell them as soon as possible so they may arrange for timely medical care.

The best idea, of course, is to be healthy for your trip, and be prepared to handle rudimentary medical issues, like minor headaches, cuts, and blisters. Pack appropriate clothing and footwear, and make sure to bring an adequate supply of any medications you may currently be taking, as well as basic necessities such as aspirin or Tylenol. If you are traveling during the summer months, also make sure to bring sunscreen. Being healthy and prepared will help you avoid a hospital stay, and also make your trip more enjoyable!

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