08-15-2008 15:35

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

The spectacular opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games and the intense competition at the games are powerful attractions for audiences all around the world. Behind the scenes are some of the latest innovations in high technology -- innovations whose intellectual property rights holders are right here in China.And souvenir shops are doing a great business selling mementos, and all things hinged to the Olympic theme.

This "Superstore" at the Olympic Green in Beijing carries over 10-thousand different items. 
This "Superstore" at the Olympic Green in Beijing carries 
over 10-thousand different items.

This "Superstore" at the Olympic Green in Beijing carries over 10-thousand different items. And that -- according to store managers, helped to attract over 50-thousand visitors on Thursday alone.

Local shoppers are showing a strong preference for the five Olympic mascots or "Fuwa", which are a particular hit with children. Traditional items like clothing, hats and pins are also popular.

"You know, you wear something, you get a little something. They'll say 'where did you get that?' You say, well, I went to China. Had a great time."

Tan weihong said, "I really think these watches are a great buy. They are beautifully designed. They have a lot of Chinese character - and yet they are modern too."

Other items on sale at souvenir stores include models of various Olympic venues like the Bird's Nest and the Watercube.

This "Superstore" at the Olympic Green in Beijing carries over 10-thousand different items. 
This "Superstore" at the Olympic Green in Beijing carries 
over 10-thousand different items.

There's a vast range of prices all the way from a penny pinching five yuan -- as high as nearly 50-thousand yuan.

In the co-host city of Shenyang, Olympic products are doing brisk trade. And CDs of the Olympic opening ceremony are now on the market and selling exceptionally well.

The opening ceremony reveals a country with a five-thousand-year culture. We couldn't get a ticket to the ceremony, but I want to buy a CD of the ceremony as a souvenir. Then, when I want to remember the Olympics, I can watch.

Olympic football matches are underway in Shenyang. And excitement is sweeping through the whole community. So the city in northeast China expects to see a dramatic increase of selling of Olympic souvenirs.


Editor:Zhao Shanchao