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Anti-terror drills held in Tianjin ahead of Olympics

Updated:2008-06-25 09:20 |

TIANJIN -- China on Tuesday launched an anti-terrorist exercise at the Olympic venue here involving security forces, in a test of their response to a possible chemical attack.

The exercise, the first in a series of drills dubbed "Binhai 6", was based on the scenario of a terrorist chemical attack in an Olympic football match venue.

Under the scenario, a car in the parking lot of the stadium suddenly exploded and caught fire, giving off heavy yellow smoke and a pungent smell. Many people fainted.

The headquarters immediately dispatched rescuers, including firemen, traffic police, special police, the People's Liberation Army, the armed police, and the water supply, electricity and gas departments, to deal with it.

The public was informed about the drill beforehand in a bid to avoid panic, according to an official of the headquarters.

The two days of drills will also include missions to deal with a bomb attack and spreading rumors of attacks.

Editor : ZhangXueying

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