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Tianjin to host first oriental cross-country auto race

Updated:2008-06-02 17:55 | Source:XINHUA

Tianjin is to host the first Oriental Cross-country Auto Race on June 26, said the Automobile and Motorcycle Sports Administration Centre of China and Tianjin Sports Bureau on Friday.

Yan Jianchang, director of the center, said "the first Oriental Cross-country auto race will be very characteristic and more challenging than Dakar Rally. After a year's reconnaissance, research and negotiation with China, Russia and Kazakhstan, Federation Internationale du Sport Automobile decided that the first oriental cross-country auto race will be held in these countries in 2008."

About 120 teams from some 30 countries and regions, and 400 cars and over 1000 athletes will take part in the series of races, starting from St Petersburg, Russia, on June 12, passing Russia and Kazakhstan and China.

In China, there are six special sessions including Junggar Basin ,Turpan Basin. The race will come to an end in Huangyaguan in Tianjin on June 28.

Editor : Shi Taoyang

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