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Customs Declaration

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There are two channels, red and green, in China customs. Take the red one if you have something to declare, otherwise the green one. If you are uncertain which channel you should take, then take the red one.

If you take the red channel the customs officer will check to see whether you have to pay duty, deposit the items at Customs, or allow you to take them into China but take them out on your departure. If you take things such as computers, cameras, video cameras, gold and silver, printed or recorded materials, or anything more than you need during your travel in China, you have to fill in the 'Customs Luggage Declaration Form'. Similarly, if you are planning to leave any sort of significant item behind, you should also fill out the form.

A copy of the form must be retained by the traveler and be submitted to Customs when leaving the country. All the items declared on the form must be brought out of China or else import duty will be charged on them.

Visitors are allowed to carry into China a limited quantity of duty-free goods including:

* 2 liters of alcoholic beverages

* 400 cigarettes

* 50g (2 ounces) of gold or silver

* US$ less than 5,000

* Chinese RMB with a total value less than 20,000 yuan

* Reasonable amount of perfume

* 1 still camera and reasonable amount of film

Prohibited imports include: fresh fruit, arms, ammunition and explosives, printed matter, films or tapes 'detrimental to China', narcotic drugs, animals and plants.

Remember: All the receipts of valuable articles, such as jewelry, jade, gold and silver ornaments, artifacts, paintings and calligraphy you bought in China should be kept for the exit check. Antiques are not permitted to leave China without the proper 'Certificates for the Export of Cultural Relics' from the Chinese Authorities.


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