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    快樂學漢語 輕鬆過週末

    Learn Chinese the fun way and

    spend a weekend of relaxation!


    Welcome to this edition of

    Weekly Filling Station!

    説起來 這武夷山

    Speaking of Wuyi Mountain,


    it certainly deserves to be called

    home to Chinese tea culture.




    tea drinkers can be seen everywhere.


    Isn't that Yuanyuan?


    Our program has already started,


    but why is he still there

    drinking tea?

    韓佳 來來來 喝一杯茶呀

    Han Jia, come over here

    and drink a cup of tea.

    韓佳 我告訴你

    Han Jia, let me tell you


    I am not here just drinking tea.


    I was trying to draw inspiration

    from Wuyi


    rock tea for our Happy

    Weekly Diary.


    Have you finished writing yet?


    Of course, I have.

    你瞧 都在那邊

    Look, it's over there.


    This past week,


    Our film crew continued its

    happy coastal


    journey with you in the Wuyi

    Mountain area.


    Wuyi Mountain is known for its

    age-old tea culture.

    這裡出産的茶品質高 品種多

    The tea produced here is good in

    quality and has many varieties.


    The most representative of them all


    is the famous Wuyi rock tea,


    of which the Dahongpao tea

    is the best.

    在這裡 您不但可以看到

    Here not only can you see


    the site of a Yuan Dynasty

    imperial tea garden,


    you can also get a glimpse

    of the King of All Teas.


    When you visit Wuyi Mountain,


    you must have a hands-on experience

    of the fun of picking tea leaves.


    Only when you have tasted

    the rock tea


    and watched performances of

    tea ceremony,


    tea songs and dances,


    can you say that you have had

    a most rewarding trip here.


    The site of the former Yulinting Kiln, which

    used to produce black-glazed tea-sets,


    is one of China's best preserved sites


    of ancient kilns from the Song Dynasty.


    The kiln had an inseparable relationship


    with Wuyi Mountain's ancient

    tea culture.


    The ancient Xiamei Village

    has developed


    from its tea market.


    Today it has been listed


    as one of the famous cultural and

    historical villages in Fujian.


    It is also an important

    component of


    the Wuyi Mountain world cultural

    and natural heritage.




    you can understand in more detail


    the history of Wuyi Mountain

    rock tea trade.


    Audience friends,


    you already know Xiamei Village

    has a long history


    and many ancient structures.

    不過 我猜您肯定不知道

    But I guess you definitely

    don't know


    what this was used for?

    對啊 這石礅有什麼用啊

    Right. What's the use of

    this stone block?


    Let me tell you


    it was an important tool


    used in the past to test

    Jinshi warriors.


    A qualified Jinshi warrior


    must be able to lift this stone

    block above his head


    while walking forward


    for 30 steps.


    I don't think it is anything difficult.


    This stone block doesn't

    look very big.


    It's just a piece of cake


    for me to raise it.


    Go ahead, please.


    Okay, okay.

    淵源 淵源 好了

    Yuanyuan, stop it.


    You'd better explain to us


    the story of today's idiom.


    "Yi ru fan zhang".


    Mencius was a famous ancient

    Chinese philosopher.


    He advocated benevolent and

    kingly rule.


    He had a student called Gongsun Chou

    from the state of Qi.




    he discussed with Mencius his

    doctrine in country management.

    先生 如果讓您在齊國掌權

    "Sir, if you are to be the prime

    minister of Qi


    and manage the country with

    benevolent and kingly rule,


    do you think your achievements

    will surpass


    that of Guan Chong and

    Yan Zi?"


    "When Guan Chong and Yan Zi

    helped manage the country,


    they both had the full trust

    of the Qi King,


    who gave them much power


    and a lot of time for management.


    In my opinion,


    their achievements


    were not worth mentioning at all."


    "Guan Chong and Yan Zi

    assisted the king

    稱霸諸侯 名揚天下

    in seeking hegemony and became

    known throughout the country.


    Were such achievements not commendable?"

    稱霸諸侯 名揚天下

    "Seeking hegemony and countrywide fame


    are nothing important.

    你們齊國疆域遼闊 人口眾多

    Your country Qi is so vast

    and populous.


    With such favorable conditions,


    if you adopt benevolent

    and kingly rule,


    the great cause of China's reunification


    will be as easy as the turning

    of one's hand!"


    The idiom "yi ru fan zhang"


    means a piece of cake,


    or as easy as the turning of

    one's hand.

    韓佳 今天我要向你介紹

    Han Jia, today I'm going to

    introduce to you


    one of my young fellow countrymen.


    One of your fellow countrymen?

    是啊 他的名字叫郭曉陽

    Yes. His name is Guo Xiaoyang.

    你看 我還有他的照片呢

    Look, I've even got a photo

    of him.

    哇 還挺帥氣的

    Wow, very handsome!


    Guo Xiaoyang is six years

    and half old.


    He is now a first-grader in an

    American elementary school.


    He watches our program


    almost every day on time


    and often answers our award-

    winning questions.


    Despite his young age,


    he has already become one

    of our old viewers.


    He is really remarkable.


    I heard from his mother


    Xiaoyang speaks very fluent Chinese.


    And his reading and writing proficiencies


    have already reached the second-

    class level.

    其實 要在國外學好中文

    Actually it is very difficult


    to learn Chinese very well

    in a foreign country.


    The fact that Xiaoyang has learned

    so well despite his young age




    he is a very bright kid.


    I heard from his mother


    they come to Beijing every year


    and hope they could come to


    visit us if there is a chance.


    We're looking forward


    to seeing Xiaoyang and

    his family.

    好了 接下來的這封信呢

    Okay, the next letter


    coms from Debottam, a friend in India.


    It's been a long time since

    we last heard from him.


    What does he say in his letter?


    He says in his letter,


    "I'm now learning Chinese

    very hard.


    Though it is very difficult


    and would take a long time,


    I'll keep on doing so.


    It hasn't been long since I

    started learning Chinese.


    I am still somewhat unable to communicate

    with the Chinese friends around me.


    But fortunately,


    you keep in constant touch

    with me,


    helping me understand not only


    a lot of linguistic knowledge,


    but also Chinese culture."


    I'm very pleased that we can

    be of some help


    for Debottam's learning of Chinese.


    I'm sure as long as he persists

    in his effort,


    he'll learn Chinese perfectly well


    and then he'll communicate with

    more Chinese.


    Debottam also said in his

    letter that


    he hopes to travel in China, visiting

    比如去北京 香港 西藏等等地方

    Beijing, Hong Kong and Tibet.


    We hope Debottam's wish


    will come true soon


    so that we can meet him in Beijing.

    好 那今天的最後一封讀信呢

    Well, the last letter for today


    comes from David of Sweden.

    他説 現在他的妻子

    He says his wife


    speaks Chinese every day

    with their son.


    But he doesn't understand


    what they talk about.

    不過 他還是從中偷學了幾個詞兒

    Nevertheless, he's secretly learned

    a few words,


    such as "man dianr",


    meaning "be careful".


    It is the easiest method


    to learn a language in

    real-life situations.


    And this way, the learner can improve

    his or her oral proficiency very quickly.




    We're sure David will improve


    his spoken Chinese very quickly.

    好了 我們今天的快樂讀信

    Okay, those are all the letters


    for us to read today.


    We'll share fun and joy

    together again


    next week at the same time.

    好 又到了大家最期待的抽獎環節了

    Now it's the most anticipated

    award-drawing time.


    Let's see which 30 of our friends


    will be the lucky viewers of

    last week.


    The list of winners is out.


    Congratulations to these friends!


    Soon you will be


    receiving a set of local-style


    souvenirs from us.


    If you didn't win this time,

    don't be disheartened.


    There'll be another chance

    next time.

    好 馬上來看看

    Okay, let's take a quick look


    at today's Idiom Guess.


    Learn Chinese the fun way!


    And spend a weekend of relaxation!


    Where's fun?


    More Fun Ahead!


    From June 18 through June 22,


    Merry Han Jia and Happy Yuanyuan


    will take you to Putian to

    learn Chinese.


    "Yikouqi" here is an adverb,

    指説話 做事情不間斷

    meaning "in one breath".


    "Chuangzao" means to create,


    produce or bring about.


    On CCTV Chinese International,

    週一到週五 每天十分鐘

    the 10-minute daily program


    Happy Learning Chinese airs on

    time Mondays through Fridays.

    好 觀眾朋友們

    Okay, audience friends,


    that's it for this edition


    of our Weekly Filling Station.


    We hope these short ten minutes


    have brought fun and joy to

    your weekend.


    Of course,


    if you have any thoughts

    or suggestions,


    you can always contact us


    according to the information

    on the screen.


    You can also leave a message

    on our blog.




    At the end of the program, we'd

    still want to remind you


    not to forget to continue to

    be with us


    next week at the same time


    for the Happy Journey across China.


    Don't forget our slogan.

    學説中國話 朋友遍天下

    Learn Chinese and make friends everywhere!


    See you next week.


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