01-16-2009 09:10

A new year, a new car. Toyota presented its latest Formula One car, the TF109, on cyberspace on Thursday. And, its first test is scheduled on January 19th.

The new car was launched exclusively on the internet. The new regulations for 2009 have radically altered the appearance of Formula One cars. The wider front wings, narrower rear wings and slick tyres are amongst the changes. Toyota is preparing for its eighth Formula One season. For this year's race, the team's first target is to secure a first Grand Prix victory. The Italian number one driver Jarno Trulli is build on the breakthrough.

Jarno Trulli, 5th year with Toyota, said, "Well, to be honest, my first target now is to take Toyota to their first (F1) victory. Then the second one, obviously, is to win the championship with Toyota."