Source: BOCOG

08-16-2008 18:51

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Japan's Yoshida Saori beat China's Xu Li to win the Women's Freestlye 55kg Wrestling gold at the Beijing Olympic Games on Saturday.

Xu took the silver while Canada's Tonya Verbeek and Colombia's Jackeline Renteria took the two bronze medals.

Yoshida Saori of Japan (2nd, L), Xu Li of China (1st, L), Tonya Verbeek (2nd, R) and Jackeline Renteria (Photo credit: Xinhua)
Yoshida Saori of Japan (2nd, L), Xu Li of China (1st, L), 
Tonya Verbeek (2nd, R) and Jackeline Renteria (Photo credit: