08-14-2008 20:09

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

(BEIJING, August 14) -- Ukraine has won the gold in the inaugural Women's Team Sabre event at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on August 14, defeating China 45-44.

Ukraine team mates (L-R) Olha Zhovnir, Olga Kharlan, Halyna Pundyk and Olena Khomrova celebrate winning the gold medal. (Photo credit: Phil Walter/Getty Images)
Ukraine team mates (L-R) Olha Zhovnir, Olga Kharlan, Halyna Pundyk 
and Olena Khomrova celebrate winning the gold medal. 
(Photo credit: Phil Walter/Getty Images)

The Ukraine team is comprised of Olga Kharlan (World No. 15), Olena Khmorova (World No. 32), Halyna Pundyk (World No. 34), and reserve Olha Zhovnir.