08-08-2008 08:09

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Comparing the Olympic Games to a fantastic book, the Opening Ceremony would be its splashy cover and of course the Closing Ceremony would be its dramatic back cover. As we know, some of the best creative minds from around the world have been working around the clock and stretching their imaginations to the maximum limit to win a place to design and direct the Olympic ceremonies that will be eagerly watched around the world.

The Water Cube on the last day for public submission of plans for the BeijingOlympic opening and closing ceremonies
The Water Cube on the last day for public submission of 
plans for the BeijingOlympic opening and closing 

This is the last day for public submission of plans for the Beijing Olympic opening and closing ceremonies.

The Games' organizers have received 210 entries. Many came in plain packages, but there are few in customized cases, showing the importance of this bid for applicants around the world.

Now comes the process of picking the best plan from the best minds.

Every applicant is required to submit 3 plans. After two months' selection, 13 plans have been chosen to enter the first round of evaluation.

Top officials of the organizing committee will be judges. For the first time, applicants will present their ideas to them face to face.

Chinese rock veteran Cui Jian is the first to make a presentation on behalf of his team. He didn't feel it was difficult to come up with the plan.

Chinese rock veteran Cui Jian is the first to make a presentation on behalf of his team. He didn't feel it was difficult to come up with the plan.
Chinese rock veteran Cui Jian is the 
first to make a presentation on behalf 
of his team. He didn't feel it was 
difficult to come up with the plan.
Cui Jian, a Chinese musician, said "I didn't spend too much time coming up with this plan. This brainchild comes from my belief in my own ability and a compelling feeling towards this event and the time we are living in. My passion is comes from these things."

The order of presentation is chosen drawing lots. Now comes the People's Liberation Army team.

Every team is competitive. Some companies have participated in many international grand activities and some include veteran Olympic ceremony directors.