08-08-2008 07:55

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Beijing is welcoming tens of thousands of athletes and visitors from all over the world. Comfortable accommodations and safe, tasty food are provided in Beijing. This will have a big influence on the performance of the athletes, are the basic services promised by the organizers. The city's preparations are put to the test as different teams pour into Beijing.  

A happy landing is the start of a Chinese adventure.

The Olympic Games are bringing people of over 200 countries and regions together.

And the host city Beijing is ready to welcome them.

Chen Zhili, Mayor of Beijing Olympic Village
Chen Zhili, Mayor of Beijing Olympic 

Chen Zhili, Mayor of Beijing Olympic Village, said "We will provide comfortable accommodations, delicious food, and various cultural activities. We will make you feel warm and comfortable, as though you're at home."

The Athletes' Village is about a 20-minute walk northwest of the main venues, closer than any previous Games.

Its 42 apartment buildings are powered by solar energy.

The main restaurant can feed 5,000 at a time.

It has its own fire station, tea and coffee shops, a barber shop, post office, library, shops and a clinic.

In the co-host city Qingdao, teams from 14 countries have checked in at the Olympic Village for the sailing events.

The 60-thousand-square-meter village is right next to the venue.

Zhang Aimin, Mayor of Qingdao Olympic Village, said "This is an Olympic village with a seaside atmosphere, and it's the closest to the venue. We will provide a comfortable home with local specialties to all athletes."

Designated hotels in Shenyang and Shanghai will receive football teams, and they've promised quality service.

And in Hong Kong, the quarantine procedures for more than 200 horses taking part in the equestrian events have been completed.