04-30-2009 11:12

Shown daily on CCTV International, Documentary is a 30-minute program that showcases the very best of Chinese documentaries.

These documentaries provide a faithful record of the extraordinary undertakings by the Chinese people as we entered the contemporary era, with an emphasis on the period of reform that began in the late 70s.

Presenting true stories of the lives, feelings, and ambitions of the Chinese people, Documentary consistently reveals the human values behind the stories which are readily accessible and comprehensible to viewers from other cultures.

Containing both individual and serial programs, Documentary strives to select the finest documentaries on purely cinematic criteria: good storytelling, visual quality and professional production standards.

While enabling the audience to appreciate the aesthetics of the documentary as an art form, Documentary is also a cultural experience that encourages viewers to ponder about the real stories taking place in China everyday.


Editor:Liu Fang