08-26-2008 08:52

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Well, it's all over. The 29th Summer Olympiad rang down the curtain Sunday night in Beijing. Games fever may have abated by the afterglow burns bright. Last weekend a photography exhibition opened in Beijing, presenting a record of some historic moments in the 130 day torch relay.

Innocent faces shone with a kind of rapture, as little hands stretch for toward the "Lucky Cloud"  Olympic torch.
Innocent faces shone with a kind of rapture, as little 
hands stretch for toward the "Lucky Cloud"  Olympic 

Innocent faces shone with a kind of rapture, as little hands stretch for toward the "Lucky Cloud"  Olympic torch. The flaming symbol for the Beijing Olympics seemed to ignite new hope. The picture records the enthusiasm as the torch arrived in Beichuan, a community brought low, as one of the worst hit areas of the May 12th Wenchuan Earthquake.

Each photo records passionate moments of the torch bearers. The photos also inspired torch bearer Liu Zhengchen to an innovative plan to extend the Olympic passion.

Liu Zhengchen, Beijng Olympic torch bearer, said, "I want to establish a torch bearers union. We can provide more opportunities for young people to come in contact with torch and feel the passion, responsibility and love.

The over 200 photos encapsulate stories that took place during the 130 day "Harmony Journey". Beijing residents can visit the exhibition until September 17th, free of charge and relive some of the moments China will never forget at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.


Editor:Lu Jing