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HK 12 years: Closer economic ties between HK and mainland

2009-06-25 09:09 BJT


12 years ago, Hong Kong,the most dynamic and prosperous harbor in Asia returned to China after more than a century of colonial rule. Since that time, the city has suffered waves of unexpected attacks, both from the economy and viral pandemic. But through it all, relations with the Chinese mainland have become even closer and more inseparable. Let's takes a brief look to see what closer ties mean for Hong Kong.

In the face of the current global financial crisis, the mainland and Hong Kong have agreed to work more closely. 
In the face of the current global financial crisis, the mainland
and Hong Kong have agreed to work more closely.

A design gallery from Hong Kong becomes another tourist destination in Beijing's commercial center on Wangfujing street.

Over 2,000 creative products representing the latest in Hong Kong design are available for the first time beyond the SAR.

Chen Haijin, chief of North and Northeast China, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, said, "Since the beginning of the global financial tsunami, enterprises in Hong Kong could no longer depend on European and American markets for exports. The vast market in the Chinese mainland has provided new business opportunities for them."

Hong Kong businessmen began to explore the Chinese market three decades ago. But only since 1997, when Hong Kong returned to China, that the gate were opened widely for exchanges and opportunities.