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Mainland's supportive measures for HK economy

2009-07-01 18:21 BJT

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China's central government is carrying out more measures to support economic recovery of Hong Kong. These measures range from infrastructure construction, financial cooperation, to tariff cut.

An anticipated bridge project will seen its design report in November. The bridge will have a total length of about 30 kilometers, and involve an investment of up to 72 billion yuan. Connecting Hong Kong, Macao and the west coast of Pearl River, the bridge is expected to greatly promote economic ties within the Pearl River Delta region. It is part of the efforts on infrastructure construction in the region.

At the end of 2008, the central government carried out a series of measures aiming to consolidate Hong Kong's financial stability and economic development. These measures include promoting bilateral financial cooperation, speeding up infrastructure construction, strengthening regional cooperation between Hong Kong and Guangdong province, offering credit help to Hong Kong funded small and medium sized firms, encouraging mainland tourists to visit Hong Kong, and extending the opening up of mainland service sectors to Hong Kong investments.

At the beginning of 2009, the central government issued a guideline on the development of the Pearl River Delta region. The move aimed at seeking more opportunities for regional development under the current financial crisis.

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