09-04-2008 11:36

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

The State Food and Drug Administration also said there were no mass cases of adverse reactions to food or medicine during the Olympic Games.

The State Food and Drug Administration also said there were no mass cases of adverse reactions to food or medicine during the Olympic Games.
The State Food and Drug Administration also said there were
no mass cases of adverse reactions to food or medicine during
the Olympic Games.

According to the National Adverse Reaction Monitoring Center, there were no cases of mass adverse reactions to medicine and medical instruments in China during the Olympic Games. And it emphasized that drug and medical instrument safety was good.

Yan Jiangying, Spokesperson of State Food and Drug Administration said "During the Games, there were a total of 20,959 visits to the medical treatment stations at the Olympic venues. There was no complaint regarding the quality of the medical instruments."

In addition, the SFDA says no cases of steroid use were found during the Olympic Games. And that there were no food safety problems in any of the cities hosting Olympic events.


Editor:Xiong Qu