09-04-2008 11:36

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Organizers of the Beijing Games are going to auction off a batch of used Olympic items on September 9th. This set includes furniture and home appliances from the Olympic media village.

Organizers of the Beijing Games are going to auction off a batch of used Olympic items on September 9th.
Organizers of the Beijing Games are going to auction off a
batch of used Olympic items on September 9th.

This second batch of Olympic items to be auctioned includes desks, beds, refrigerators, and other pieces of furniture and home appliances. They were used by the media only during the Olympic Games and are almost new. They also meet Olympic standards of quality and environmental-friendliness.

Liu Xulin, Deputy Director of Beijing Jiahe International Auction Co. said "These pieces of furniture use wood with low-levels of formaldehyde. They are environmentally-friendly, have no smell, and do not damage people's health. In addition, they look good."

One Beijing resident said "Although these items don't seem different from those on the street, in 20 to 30 years, they will be a kind of Beijing Olympic souvenir."

The items are now being sorted and counted. And their opening prices will be fixed after an evaluation.

Xiong Yan, Diector of Beijing Equity Exchange said "The opening prices of ordinary items will be a little lower than new ones. After all, they're used. Souvenirs may be much more expensive, because they have cultural, historical and collectible value. They are a carrier of the Beijing Olympics legacy."

The first batch of Olympic items was used by the Beijing Organizing Committee when it applied to host the Games. The 14-hundred pieces of items nearly a decade old were auctioned with a combined opening price of 39-hundred yuan. But the pieces were eventually bought for a total of 23-thousand yuan.


Editor:Xiong Qu