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  • 125 wangpengcheng10-03-27
    Of course we must reduce the use of carbon resouce.Then the atmoshere will comprise less greenhouse gas.This is what we are looking foward to.I really advocate to live a low carbon lifestyle.To achieve this,we can replace the harmful energy with environmental ones.We can also just ride a bike to do shopping just hundred meters away,instead of driving a car or a motorbike銆俆hen our life will be better .
  • 124 I10-03-10
  • 123 HOTPEPPER10-01-13
    Humankind has nowhere to live but the Earth.Ptrotecting the Earth is protecting humankind itself. Less emission, longer life!
  • 122 Evey10-01-07
    Reduce food waste.Eat less meat to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
  • 121 zhongzhong10-01-01
    I think the quiz is a good instrument to persuade people to have more interests in climate change.
  • 120 gu09-12-29
    yes,i believe a low carbon lifestyle would really help emission cut.I am an advocate of low carbon life.In my daily life ,i will try my best to use less energy,just like use the electricity-saving lamp,take the public transportation.
  • 119 Peter09-12-27
    100million years ago, the dinosaurs which become fossil displayed in museum, extincted due to the change of the planet environment, only some creatures that are called living fossil survived. when the planet history embarks in the human era, especially with deepening of human activity, the living environment of mankind and other ceatures has been tremendously altered. Often, someone may say the extinction of one or two creatures has nothing to do with us mankind. then, what if the next to extinct is the one close to us or even ourselves ? although the global warming has yet to be fully testfied as the result of human activity, can we slightly ignore the accountability ? If we hestate to take substansive action towards CO2 or other green house gas emission reduction, the "Climate Change Conference" may be our last sigh鈥︹?? God lets mankind fulfill its duty, otherwise pay , foot the bill鈥︹??
  • 118 luckyshen09-12-25
    Human being only have one earth.No matter how the culture is splendid,the economy is growing if we have not healthy planet to live,do everything is in vain.
  • 117 selina09-12-23
    We need to do a lot to raise awareness of low carbon. But we have to admit there exists imblance all over the world.
  • 116 Bess09-12-23
    We don't want to waste any time to observe on the Copenhagen climate talk. The only one thing we do care is whether we can own the blue sky and clear water after a decade.
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