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  • 11 a09-04-25
    how to expand the comsunption in rural areas? the goverment should give money into the pocket of rural people,policies are the most improtant way to enhance the income of rural persent,the policies are disadvantage to farmer of land and price.farmer is passive in the makret.
  • 10 jiaw09-03-25
    i think we should put more money on rural area, a great money should be used to the infrastructure projects such as roads.
  • 9 xiaobing09-03-24
    In my view,we lived in the rual need money for our children's school fees and other expends,so we lack of enough money for purhasing other things.
  • 8 lucille09-03-24
    i agree tiger's idea,he's right.people don' have money so that they aren't willing to purchase.however, the gov't can reduce the price to sitimulate consumption.or increse the subsistence awllance to for the laid-off workers, and loan to average people.then people may be pleasure to shoping or travelling.
  • 7 Tiger 09-03-24
    How to expand the domestic consumption in the rural areas? But before you gave this question, you have neglected another more important facts,lots of the rural people have not enough money to consume,they work hard but just can get little income,if their children are in the university ,they live with more pressures.I think the most important thing our goverment should do is to help the rural people increase their inc ome,then,expand the consumption in rural will not be a problem.
  • 6 ann09-03-24
    I nominate Madame Prof Zhang LinXiu for the permanent position of GUEST HOST on Dialogue. She is articulate & has the best grasp of the problems/challenges of the rural population. Maybe it's bec. she can empathize w/ them so well, she seems to be the only 'ADULT' in the room while discussing these subject matters of gravitas. ann
  • 5 wina09-03-23
    Actually the government don't really know what the economic conditions in rural areas.Increasing comsumption is not an easy thing for people in rural areas who worked very hard to earn money that can only afford common life.
  • 4 huangjie09-03-23
    To solve of the difficulty of rural of China, we must give the advantage to the rurual people. First, giving more finaical support to the rurual people ,especailly for the regions which are far away from the city. second, we must pay more and more attention to the development of Chinese rurual region.
  • 3 ddhmtldxy09-03-23
    As far as i'm concerned balance package must be involved first, secondly,more money should be used in infrastructure in the rural areas. thirdly,policy which encourage talents and corporates lodge in rural areas must be remended.
  • 2 erica09-03-23
    Yeah, people always think the rural people just has amount of their savings in hand and don't like to spend, but actually, I believe some are really in poor condition, they even can not afford their common life with the children's high tuition.. so ,i hope the government could balance the gap and advocate the rich ones to do something helpful
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