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  • 47 Michael09-03-10
    only the openning but no protection policy can save the US and the world.
  • 46 songwyyx09-03-03
    globlization is a irreversible trend of trade and economy錛宎s we all know, globlization in the field of capital銆乸roduction andl abors銆俛ny behavior and word is irresponsible銆? protectionism will have no use to world鈥榮 economy boost including American錛宨t just can hurt the relations between countrys銆俢urrently, what we need most is to work together for the plans to overcome the crisis and recover the global economy銆?
  • 45 arne rolf09-03-02
    Protectionism is a stupi idea; the economy is global and therefor must be solved globaly!
  • 44 Moniboth09-02-23
    Trade protectionism is not a good option for the UnitedState to recover its domestic market , Due to the U S products mostly expensive , and how about the International trade ? Other countries will response to that case undeniably .
  • 43 Stephen09-02-22
    I feel that everything have two aspects.As China,trade protectionism is not good for us. Our country focus on international trade.If we haven't method to reply,We will be passiveness.
  • 42 arron09-02-22
    no , I do not think so , becasue so far every country in the world has become to highly depend on each other
  • 41 gx09-02-22
    we will buy that product made in china
  • 40 Alex09-02-22
    Only if the US is willing to piss off the rest of the world.
  • 39 Jessie09-02-21
    It's useless to implement "buy American" clause proposed by American government.protectionism is not the cure but the virus to the current financial crisis.Imagine that if every countries close their doors and refuse other goods what the world would's completely unimaginable.All we can do now is puting the contradiction to rest and fighting hands in hands.
  • 38 li-lu09-02-21
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