08-08-2008 09:52

Every evening between 20:00 and 23:30, CCTV-9 will invite you to join in on a discussion of the Olympics. One of the many topics outlined below will serve as each day´s focus during the show.

If there´s anything you want to know or ask the guests on CCTV-9´s "17 Days" show, you can post it here.

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Topic Outline:

Expections for the Olympics

Olympic opening ceremony

Green and highly technological Olympics

The Olympic goal

HD transmission of Olympic games

Anti-Doping & security

Chinese culture and the Olympic Games

New sport games set up in China

Olympic PR

Olympic market space & infrastructure

Olympic economics

An image of China presented by the Olympics

Olympic sponsorship

Fever of Liuxiang phenomenon

Beijing Olympics on international media

China being changed by the Olympics

Olympic Games 2008 end talk


Editor:Zhang Yue