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President Hu Jintao thanks int´l help for quake relief


Source: | 05-12-2009 19:26

Special Report:   One Year after 5.12 Quake

President Hu Jintao has expressed China's appreciation to the international community for its help after last year's devastating earthquake in Sichuan Province.

President Hu Jintao has expressed China's appreciation to the international community for its help after last year's devastating earthquake in Sichuan Province.
President Hu Jintao has expressed China's appreciation to
the international community for its help after last year's
devastating earthquake in Sichuan Province.

President Hu made the remarks to a group of foreign diplomats who were in the Sichuan provincial capital Chengdu for a memorial activity on the eve of the quake anniversary.

He said over 160 countries and some international organizations had provided generous assistance for the rescue and relief efforts.

Hu Jintao said reconstruction is proceeding well, and China has carried out strict supervision over the effective use of international donations.

President Hu also said China will step up exchange and collaboration with other countries to jointly tackle global challenges.


Editor:Zhang Pengfei