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30 in 30 - 2005: China focuses on sustainable development


Source: | 12-16-2008 09:39

Reform and opening up has led to a surge in economic growth, but it's taken a toll on natural resources and the environment. China is still learning to adapt its development into something more sustainable.

Reform and opening up has led to a surge in economic growth, but it's taken a toll on natural resources and the environment. 
Reform and opening up has led to a surge in 
economic growth, but it's taken a toll on natural 
resources and the environment.

Today in our review of the last 30 years of change, we return to 2005, when the country first began to balance GDP growth and environmental protection.

This exhibition focusing on energy-saving and environmental protection was still novel and intriguing to visitors in 2005.

Children were curious about how to recycle wastepaper into a new product, using innovative, but simple, methods.

"I think we should gather all our used paper, and set up a special center for recycling."

"I heard that making one ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees. And more forests can be saved if we continue to do this."

But it wasn't simply because of an exhibition that the nation realized the need to recycle.