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30 in 30 - 2004: Spring breeze warms low income earners


Source: | 12-16-2008 09:12

China's reform and opening-up is about improving living standards for all citizens. It's not only about enabling some people to become rich, it's also about helping low income earners to improve their lives and benefit from the country's prosperity.

In 2004, the eastern city of Hangzhou launched the government-led "Spring Breeze" campaign to change the lives of struggling residents.
In 2004, the eastern city of Hangzhou launched the 
government-led "Spring Breeze" campaign to change 
the lives of struggling residents.

In 2004, the eastern city of Hangzhou launched the government-led "Spring Breeze" campaign to change the lives of struggling residents.

Ye Weibo and her husband are both laid-off workers. Their daughter is disabled.

Recently, their government subsidies were increased, which Ye Weibo says is a great help for her.

Ye Weibo said, "Now we can also get many other things for free, like travel cards, and our cable TV fee and community cleaning fee are paid for."

The latest help they are receiving is part of the Hangzhou municipal authority's "Spring Breeze" campaign, which includes efforts of almost all the government departments and related social organizations. Its goal is simple -- raising living standards for poor people.