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30 in 30 - 2002: Allowances help impoverished citizens


Source: | 12-13-2008 16:05

In the mid-1990s, Shanghai led the country in subsidizing residents with financial difficulties. Families whose per capita income fell below a certain level were given allowances from the local government. After nearly ten years of development, the system spread to the whole nation in 2002, covering nearly 25 million people in both urban and rural areas. Today in our 30 in 30 series, we look at how people benefited from the program.

In the mid-1990s, Shanghai led the country in subsidizing residents with financial difficulties.
In the mid-1990s, Shanghai led the country in 
subsidizing residents with financial difficulties.

Winter has come, but the government provides a warm helping hand to many of the poorest residents.

Xie Peiren is one of the beneficiaries.

On this cold winter morning, he received his monthly pay of subsistence allowances.

Xie said, "Party members in the community really care about us. Currently, my family receives altogether over 900 yuan per month. I'm deeply moved."

Statistics show that 95-percent of allowance recipients are laid-off workers and their family members.

But giving them money is not the ultimate solution.