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Chinese gold medalists speak to Macao students


Source: | 09-02-2008 08:56

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Chinese gold medalists are continuing their visit to Macao. On Monday, they spoke to local students.

Chinese gold medalists Li Xiaopeng

Gold medalists, including Yang Wei, Guo Jinjin and Li Xiaopeng, appeared at the Forum de Macao. They shared their experience with over 2,500 students.

Many of the students felt a little nervous since most of them have never seen Olympic gold medalists before.

Yang Wei and Li Xiaopeng attracted a lot of their fans.

A Macao student said, "I wonder why you want to be a gymnast. Is it your dream when you were a child?

Chinese gold medalists Li Xiaopeng said, "I started practicing at the age of 6, when I had no dreams at all. But I was interested in it, so stuck with it."