08-29-2008 09:35

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

As the Paralympics near, lots of visitors remain from the Olympic games and the sparkle of the games is still present in Beijing.

Crowds of avid collectors gathered in Beijing for the games, seeking rare and precious bits of memorabilia.(Photo:
Crowds of avid collectors gathered in Beijing for the games,
seeking rare and precious bits of memorabilia.(Photo:

As the Olympics were in full tilt - every event was followed by a frenetic exchange of souvenir pins among collectors. The trading of pins and badges virtually became an Olympic ritual after 1988. Crowds of avid collectors gathered in Beijing for the games, seeking rare and precious bits of memorabilia.

Outside the Olympic Media Center there was a fixed venue for the "Gold Rush" on Olympic pins. Items were not for sale, but for trade.

A pin collector said, "I've been working at the Olympic Village. I had opportunities to exchange pins with athletes from many countries."