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Germany´s Steiner wins Olympic men´s +105kg weightlifting gold

Source: Xinhua | 08-19-2008 21:00

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

BEIJING, Aug. 19 (Xinhua) -- The last lift in the weightlifting events at the Beijing Olympics helped German lifter Matthias Steiner to be crowned in the men's +105kg category on Tuesday.

Matthias Steiner of Germany takes a lift during the the men's weightlifting +105kg group A competition at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, Aug. 19, 2008. Matthias Steiner of Germany claimed the title in the event.(Xinhua Photo)
Matthias Steiner of Germany takes a lift during the 
the men's weightlifting +105kg group A competition 
at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, Aug. 
19, 2008. Matthias Steiner of Germany claimed the title 
in the event.(Xinhua Photo)

Steiner, the silver medalist of 2008 European championships, made an amazing lift in his last attempt, jerking 258kg, totaling 461kg, which is not a disappointing score without the presence of "the strongest man in the world", legendary Iranian Hossein Rezazadeh.

"I thought to myself there is nothing to lose, you can only win from here," he said.

He overtook Russian Evgeny Chigishev, who finished the game earlier with a total of 460kg, to claim the title.

The overjoyed Steiner knelt down on the floor, kissed barbells, hugged with his coach and burst into tears. He held a picture of his wife, who passed away recently, when standing on the podium.

"Of course this gold is for my wife. I missed her a lot," he said.

"If she could be here, that would be very satisfying for me," said the newly-crowned.

Russian veteran Chigishev, the runner-up at 2006 world championships, succeeded in all his six attempts. He snatched 210kg and jerked 250. He was ranked first when he finished earlier before Steiner and Latvian lawmaker Viktors Scerbathihs.

Matthias Steiner is holding his late wife's picture high which he is standing on the podium.
Matthias Steiner is holding his late wife's picture high which 
he is standing on the podium.

When he successfully lifted 250kg, he was very excited and waved to the spectators.

World champion Scerbathihs, who snatched 206kg, challenged Chigishev's first position with an attempt of 257kg. However, he failed. He finished with 242kg in the clean and jerk session and got the bronze with a total of 448kg.

He said he wanted to have a rest after the Games.

"I'm not tired of sport, but tired of being unlucky," he said.

Steiner, who only snatched 203kg and failed his first jerk attempt of 246kg, also decided to make a last try after succeeding in 248kg. He ordered 258kg, and made it.

Chigishev said he was satisfied with the silver.

"Before the competition we were counting on bronze at best, and now after having won silver I do not feel any disappointment," he said.


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