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Shanghai ready for Olympic soccer matches

Source: | 08-07-2008 22:56

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Shanghai also has everything in place for the upcoming Olympic soccer matches starting on Friday. Chen Tingjie has the latest from a local press conference on Thursday.

City authorities said all Olympic preparations have been finalized. Everything from security checks to food safety, volunteer services and weather forecasts are all complete. In response to concerns over security, authorities say they are confident Shanghai's games will be safe.

Wang Wei, director of Olympic Soccer Shanghai office, said "To ensure the matches go smoothly, Shanghai has strictly followed the requirements of the Olympic organizing committee. The public security, fire brigade, and military forces have been working closely. We have implemented the highest level of security measures."

For spectators, Shanghai Stadium will be accessible two hours before the start of a match. They are not allowed to bring in drinking water out of security concerns. But match organizers will set up 16 vending booths and 20 mobile vendors inside. Meanwhile, two roads surrounding Shanghai Stadium will be blocked off during the matches. And two others will ban all cargo vehicles. The ban will take effect two hours before each match and last until one hour after it. Authorities encourage spectators to use public transportation.

Wang Wei, director of Olympic Soccer Shanghai office, said "We will offer abundant traffic services to carry spectators home even if the matches end late at night. For example, the metro lines are ready to extend their operating hours. "

With the first two Olympic football matches in Shanghai to kick off tomorrow, the city is fully prepared. And local residents are responding warmly to the games. All the tickets for tomorrow's matches have been sold out.


Editor:Lan Xiujuan