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The Chinese Expeditionary Force

By 1941, the war was entering its darkest days. Germany had invaded the Soviet Union, and the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor and several British overseas colonies, had ignited the Pacific War. China was embroiled in a desperate struggle to resist the Japanese invasion. Japanese forces were bombing China鈥檚 major cities day and night; at the same time, they were conducting operations,aimed at encircling the rear areas. The campaign to cut China off, had left only one line of communication open with the West 鈥the Yunnan-Burma Road in China鈥檚 southwest. Meanwhile Britain, deeply involved in the European theatre, had made its strategic priority in the Far East, the protection of India. At the end of 1941, China and Britain established a military alliance,and on February the 25th, 1942, a one-hundred-thousand-strong Chinese Expeditionary Force began to enter Burma.

Historical People of Chinese Expeditionary Force
  • <a></a>Dai Anlan<br><br>
    Dai Anlan

  • <a></a>Sun Liren
    Sun Liren
  • <a></a>Joseph Warren Stilwell
    Joseph Warren Stilwell
  • <a></a>Claire Lee Chennault
    Claire Lee Chennault
  • <a></a>Du Yumin
    Du Yumin
  • <a></a>Qi Xueqi<br><br>
    Qi Xueqi

  • <a></a>Wei Lihuang
    Wei Lihuang
  • <a></a>Liu Fangwu
    Liu Fangwu
  • <a></a>Ye Peigao
    Ye Peigao
  • <a></a>Pan Yukun
    Pan Yukun
  • <a></a>Zheng Dongguo
    Zheng Dongguo
  • <a></a>Li Hong
    Li Hong
  • <a></a>Li Mi
    Li Mi
  • <a></a>Liao Yaoxiang
    Liao Yaoxiang
  • <a></a>Song Xilian
    Song Xilian
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